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Windows Search 4.0

Searches for files throughout your PC
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Provides quick and easy search for common file types and data types in any part of a computer, including emails and their attachments.

Windows Search, is an update for Windows XP and Vista designed to help you find files whenever you need it. It will search in your hard drive, email messages for attachments and online remote.
It includes tools for searching, moving, deleting, copying, attaching, burning, or dragging wherever the files are needed. Designed with Enterprises' needs in mind, Windows Search can be deployed and managed, setting access privileges to certain information which could be more sensible than other. Also Microsoft claims that it's extensible for third-party developers by using the .NET Framework or the Common Object Model Interface.

Needles to say that it's fully compatible with Microsoft Platforms, In which adds the "Deskbar", tool that gives the user quick access to important files and e-mails.

It works closely with other Microsoft Enterprise Search products. An easy transition to Windows Vista with familiar user experience can be done with this program. This is not a new feature, since many files can be transferred from one version of Windows to another since Windows XP

Windows Search provides a great desktop search experience for users on the Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Users will find it easy to learn the new features in Windows Vista because they share many similarities with Windows Search on Windows XP.

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  • fast and simple, it's free


  • It's an update for your windows platform that should have been released before
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